Run Safe and Run Together with SABRE!

Disclaimer: I received Sabre products to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.comto review, find, and write race reviews!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of testing out some amazing products sent by SABRE.

I have always wanted to get some pepper spray, etc to have on my person during my early morning, late night, and solo runs! While I hope I never have to use any of the products, I’m grateful Sabre sent my way so I could run Safe!

Top 5 reasons to carry pepper spray:

  1. Protection at a safe distance – why go hands on?
  2. Very practical – protection against multiple threats
  3. Convenient – legal to carry in all 50 states
  4. Ideal for everyone – doesn’t require size or strength to use
  5. Proven effective – police worldwide carry pepper spray 

I really liked how comfortable the pepper spray was to carry, and that there was a safety piece to it so you didn’t accidentally spray. I barely even realized I had it in my hands while I was running! I loved that it had a Velcro strap to tightly fit against my hand and not bounce around!

The other item I truly loved was the small alarm that simply clipped on my shirt. It’s so small that you could clip it on your shorts, backpack, shirt… even the brim of your hat!

Run together when you can, but whether together or solo, always run safe – Sabre Safe!

Use code SABRERUN at SABRE’S WEBSITE and save 20% off product for you and your running loved ones!

Thank you Sabre for keeping me safe during my runs and for giving me piece of mind for my friend who you kindly sent an extra set in which to share!

You can never be too safe!

See you at the start line…. safe!


– How do you feel safe while you run?

– Do you normally run with friends or solo?

– Are you a morning runner or a night time runner?


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