Hot Track Miles + Certified + Laughs, Friends & Beer

Yesterday was a busy day! I wanted to get my first run in since last weekend’s idiotic three races. 🙂

I busted out the trusty and dusty Brooks. I really need to wash these things, but there was no time for that as it was already 10am and hot as an oven outside!

Lynn came to the track with me so it was a lot of fun as I had company. I wasn’t doing the typical track workout, I just wanted 4 easy miles and loops sounded good because I could have ice and water close to me at all times without having to carry something.

I wore my goodr OG Sunglasses that I purchased from the race last weekend. I loved them and they didn’t bounce and move like most sunglasses while I run. Click link above to get your own pair (I would like one in every color and style. Plus Lynn was jealous and will probably steal at some point) and check out MY GEAR for more items that are must haves!

It was 103 degrees out and not a single cloud in the sky. This was the perfect formula for a super hot and sweaty run!

I wore my amazing Bib Rave Pro pride shirt that my amazing insta-friend Amy sent me. She said it was a wedding present so I told Lynn I need to wear it for the bouquet toss. Hope that’s okay babe! Thanks Amy, you truly are the best!!!!!!!! She’s also super speedy and I hope to run fast like her some day!

I did good for the first two miles and then I had to stop for water. And ice. And more water. And more ice. It was soooo hot out!

Lynn was super sweet and was taking pictures of me while I ran. She even brought me ice at one point, in which I immediately put down my shirt. Lol! I rolled up the tank top as well at some point, reminding myself I need to do more ab workouts this summer. Lol! Hey, it was hot, plus I drank like a gallon of water!

I clocked right at 4 miles and maintained a decent pace despite the heat. I went out super easy and slow as I just wanted time on my feet. I’m so excited for summer/fall training and being strong end of the year. I need to email my coach to get this party started!

After the run, I stopped by sonic to get some of their golden ice. Man was it tasty! I also accidentally ordered two vanilla dishes and may or may not have fed them to our sweet pups when we got home. Allegedly. Cough

I only had an hour once home to shower and hit the road to check the last box in order to get my RRCA running coach certification. I had the second part of my CPR and First Aid training (4 hours was done on the computer the night before) and was and couldn’t be late!

I passed and once I get my certificate I can email it to Randy and then officially register online as an RRCA coach! I want to do level 2 next year after I’ve held the level one for the required year. I’ll probably have to travel out of town, but it would be awesome to dive deeper into everything and become more knowledgeable.

Once I got home from class, we headed out for a fun night with friends! We went to a brewery we hadn’t been to before called Random Beer Garden in Boerne.

The brewery was awesome!

It was truly a backyard destination for Texas Family Fun. With 80 taps of craft beer, live music, 70 ft kangaroo bounce, yard games, amazing rotation of food trucks, a pet friendly facility, and a full service restaurant on site, there’s really no reason to go anywhere else.

We got a beer called barrel crusher (I think) and get this… the ABV was 13%. Go big or go home!

We found some picnic tables, scooted them together and started the fun!

We met some of Lynn’s friends and some of mine and now they are all our friends 🙂

I walked away at some point, and the funny and super cool Julianne stole my phone and took a bunch of silly pictures on it.

I got to talk to Jennifer and her daughter Brooke about possibly coaching her to help with her soccer speed. We are going to watch her play Tuesday night and are excited about that! More to hopefully come!

One of my out of state bridesmaids isn’t going to be able to make it down for the wedding (so sad!), so I asked Julianne if she would do me the honor of being there on our big day! She said yes, and I’m soooooo excited! The wedding just got even cooler!

It was so fun to mesh our friends and I can’t wait to hang out with everyone again! Last night was one of our favorite hangouts in awhile. Next time, we will invite even more peeps! Everyone needs to get to know each other before we are dancing like fools on our big day!

We had a delicious meal of chicken nuggets, fries and fried Mac n’ cheese for dinner! I didn’t get any pictures, but it was pretty good! I also got a side salad to balance it out. Lol!

Alright, time to email my coach and get this party started!!!!

See ya at the start line!

Questions –

How do you deal with running in the heat?

What’s the best food truck food you’ve ever eaten?

Any wedding advice?

We are looking for someone who plays the violin to serenade our guests as they are finding their seats. Anyone available?! 🙂


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