Bella’s Birthday + Yay to a 105 degree Saturday Run + First Aid CPR Training + Weekly Cryotherapy

Guess who turned 9 years old? Our little Bella! She was sooooooo small, and it’s crazy to see how big she is now! We love her sweet sassy self and her cuddles! It’s sad to see her eyelashes turn white and her paws not work right 🙁 However, she is a happy pup and we gave her treats and toys yesterday 🙂 Emmy was jealous so we gave her one as well 🙂

Bella, we love you!

Tonight I had a a Cryotherapy and Compression appointment at ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY . I fell asleep during the compression and was dreaming that I was running the trails from last weekend. I was sad to be woken up when it was over! The team at ACC (I’m going to abbreviate) is always so kind and welcoming! Check them out! This is going to be amazing for my marathon training which is about to gear up!

Well folks, summer is here in San Antonio! Last weekend was hot as hell, but this weekend would’ve been 10 degrees hotter so I’m glad the race is complete. I may have not come out alive. I kid, I kid!

Tomorrow is 100 degrees with humidity several degrees over. Yuck!

Something I’ll need to remind myself is the chart above. I know I will get frustrated with my mile splits and overall pace in the heat, so knowing there will always be degradation due to warmer weather is comforting.

The hotter it is, the slower the pace will be, even with same pace effort. That’s okay and normal, so all of you amazing runners don’t forget this as well!

Also know that this will make us soooo much stronger and faster if we train through it in the winter! I already can’t wait!

So, with all that said above, I’m super excited to get a slow 5 miles or so in tomorrow. First time running since last weekend as I wanted to give my legs a week, and it will be hot! I can’t freaking wait! I refuse to do the treadmill, so looking forward to leaving sweat on the roads!

I’m going to continue my online adult and pediatric first aid/cpr/aed training before my hands on class tomorrow. Once that is complete I can officially send in all info and register as an RRCA running coach once approved! So darn excited!

As I was driving downtown for my Cryotherapy appointment (I was at a red light when I took picture) I saw the Tower of the America’s where we had dinner a few night ago at Chart House. ( Blog Post HERE ) I immediately wanted to go back and have dinner! It was soooooo good! Plus, you truly can’t beat that entire city view!

We’ve been doing a lot more wedding planning, and I’m so lucky and excited to marry this sweet girl! So much more to come!

Going to be an amazing summer! Running goals and the ultimate goal of an amazing wedding and marrying my best friend!

Full day planned tomorrow – running, Certification, and fun with friends! Have a great weekend!

See you at the start line!

– Any fun weekend plans?

– What are some must haves you do during marathon training?

– I need a late August or early September half marathon. Any suggestions?


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