2 Year Anniversary + Chart House Restaurant Tower of the Americas + Cancelled + Jared Ward!!!

Do you want the good news, or the bad news first? Bad news, okay!

I had been looking forward to Global Running Day in Houston for months. Even more so once I got selected to be one of the lucky peeps that get to be an ambassador for the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon or Aramco Half Marathon.

I was super excited to meet all my fellow ambassadors, see my amazing friend Aileen who was actually in town from across the world, my Houston Striders… and all the amazing people and runners of Houston!

Would’ve been a trip down memory lane! It’s crazy how fast time passes, but in the moment you don’t realize. Ahhhh! That’s a post for another time! Lol

however, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s been pretty weather all week, and all of a sudden it decided to pour all day, so due to standing water where all the action would’ve been, plus the sky was falling out… the event got sadly cancelled.

I then threw myself in bed and cried all afternoon. Kidding. Kind of.

In other exciting news, guess who is the official elite race ambassador the Chevron Houston Marathon? Jared award! He was 16th at last year’s Aramco Houston Half Marathon with a time of 1:02:10, can you believe that?!

Jared was also third in the last Olympic trial and finished an incredible 6th place at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. He was also 8th at this year’s Boston Marathon, clocked a huge personal best in the distance, and was second American. I’ll get to meet this guy. No big deal!

June 4th Lynn and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Remember how I said time flies? It does! I couldn’t be more excited or more lucky! Lynn truly brings out the best in me, loves me unconditionally and is my very best friend! I can’t imagine my life without her and I can’t wait to marry my sweet girl in less than 6 months!

To celebrate, I surprised her with dinner at Char House, which is a restaurant on the top of the Tower of the Americas… and it spins slowly so you can see the whole city!

I booked the reservation and asked for window view… and at a time where it would be light only for a few and then the sun would set.

We ordered the best fondue we’d ever had and a dirty martini while we decided what we wanted for dinner. Everything looked so darn delicious. Our phones died after Lynn took the few pictures of sky and city, so we didn’t get pics of food etc. once again, we really need charging phone cases!

I had a delicious crab cake and salad for dinner, and Lynn had blackened salmon with Rockefeller topping and the normal rice and veggie accompaniments. Was really delicious, although pricey for what it was. However, the experience and seeing my girl so excited was totally worth it!

They also do some fancy dry ice concoction drinks – table side. We didn’t go for those at $30 bucks a pop but they looked super cool!

My legs are feeling back to normal although I know healing is still taking place! Hard to believe it’s already been six days! I’ll get with my coach in the next day or two to get the ball rolling, as I’m a little sad not having 17 more races in my immediate calendar. So, need to focus on what I know is important for fall races and get a plan together!

Ever chewed a whole ball of pickle salt on a dare during a race before? Asking for a friend…..

See you at the start line!

-What’s the weird thing you’ve eaten at a race?

– where is the coolest place you’ve ever had a meal?

– How long do you normally wait to run after a tough race?


One thought on “2 Year Anniversary + Chart House Restaurant Tower of the Americas + Cancelled + Jared Ward!!!

  1. So sorry the event got cancelled!!

    WOW WOW WOW Those views for your anniversary!!! I cannot get over how spectacular that entire evening looked. So glad you both enjoyed!

    Also… pickle salt … I need to hear much more about this! I’m not even quite sure what that is!

    I think the coolest place we ate a meal was in Milpitas – a place called Grand View that overlooks basically the entire Silicon Valley!

    Thanks for sharing, Taushah. Always so enjoy your posts!!

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