Tejas (Texas) Trail Running Festival Weekend Part Two + Global Running Day

So today is the best day of the year! Well, besides Chevron Houston Marathon race day and every other race day I have throughout the year!

What Gets Me Out the Door to Run Every Day –

I have a total love hate relationship with running as most runners probably do! I love the feeling I get after accomplishing a goal, crossing a finish line, and the friends I make along the way!

I don’t like training in the heat, hate the days it’s hard, get frustrated when I have off days, and in every single race I’ve ever done I ask myself why i do this to myself!

I do this to myself because I love it, even when I have days I struggle! Running gives me something to reach for and constantly reminds me that we are all stronger than we could ever believe possible!

I’ve been in awe of the kindness that always pours out from the running community and I’m inspired by those that push themselves and have accomplished so much…. in life and in races. I look up to so many athletes and hope to be an example and inspiring to others as well.

I love running because it pushes me to be better and stronger. You get out of it what you put into it, and I have some major goals! Running is a constant, and will always be there… and I’ve seen some beautiful sunsets and seen the world come to life while putting one foot in front of the other many early mornings. Those are my favorite!

Running makes me a better me. I wouldn’t trade any of the hard days, Slow miles, bad races or even injuries for anything. Why? Because the journey is part of the process, and what makes everything feel so amazing at the end. I’m lucky I get to be a runner! It has taken me places I never imagined, and I’ve met more incredible people than I ever thought possible! Running is a huge part of my life and has a soft spot in my heart! It always will!

  • What gets YOU out the door ton run?
  • What or who inspires you?
  • What is one of your favorite running memories?

Texas Trail Running Festival Weekend Part 2

So, the post HERE recaps the three races from this past weekend and I miss it all so much already. I think more so as it will be several months until my next set of races. It’s been a doozy 4 months;

  • One Marathon
  • Three Half Marathons
  • Three 5ks
  • One 10k
  • One 33k
  • One 50 Miler

I’m super excited for Fall and my 2020 race goals! Speed will be my middle name!

We didn’t get back to our Airbnb until about 9:30pm. We needed to charge our phones so we could google maps it to get food, but everything close was closed for the night. So, we headed back to the general store and bought pizza and salad that had probably been out for three days. You know what? It was pretty delicious! I ran a lot of miles to earn this salad. Insert eye roll here!

The next morning we set an alarm so we could shower, have coffee and enjoy the homemade chocolate chip cookies on the porch before we had to leave.

The porch area was adorable! It had a fireplace that would be perfect for winter, was enclosed to keep away bugs, and had all the comforts needed with chairs, a table, etc!

We decided to have the cookies and some of the cereal the hosts had left us in mason jars, and wash it down with coffee!

We reminisced I’m the weekend, the travel, the races… and made up our minds to return for another weekend soon!

We even got to meet MC, the owner, as he drove up in his golf cart to feed the chickens and gather eggs! Was so nice to talk to him and hear his story and learn more about the cabin.

We left a note in the book by the bed thanking them For allowing us to stay! It was nice to read others notes as well and hear about how they loved their trips. From proposals, anniversaries and family trips… that cabin had seen a lot of love!

What a wonderful weekend it was and one we won’t forget! Now on to training and wedding planning! Y’all….. I get to marry my best friend in less than 6 months! I appreciate and love her more than she will ever know!

We got some bad news regarding the Global Running day celebration day in Houston this morning…. stupid weather! More to come on that tomorrow!


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