I did it – 23 Miles (I’ll explain) + Race & Weekend Recap Tomorrow + No Regrets but a Few Rookie Moves

What an amazing weekend, and we miss it already! I have so much to share, but I’ll do a full race and weekend recap tomorrow! I’ll also have a post later this week with some lessons I learned over the race weekend!

My Sinus infection did affect me during the races a bit (plus it was so darn hot and humid) but after I completed the morning half marathon feeling good, I struggled through the first half and powered back to conquer the afternoon 10k…. and then I did something you probably won’t be surprised about, I signed up for a third race. The evening 5k.

All races ran a bit long so I totaled 23 miles for the day.

I came in 12th overall for all my races, climbed more elevation than I have even had time to add up, and am truly sad the weekend is already over! I am very proud of crossing the finish line of each race!

I had a scary few minutes during the 10k only to finish strong, and powered through an unplanned evening 5k to leave Krause Springs with no regrets, but a few rookie moves I learned and will correct for next time! Live and learn! I knew better on a few, I’ll admit!

I had more mud and sweat covering me than I’ve ever left a race with, but with it came a lot of pride. I’m lucky for all the support from my fiancé, and several amazing people I met throughout the day!

It was so nice to go back to our cute Airbnb cabin for the night after an exhausting day! We fell in love with its coziness and how quaint everything was with no detail missed!

I appreciate all the comments and messages and I assure you I read every single one! More to come tomorrow and I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!


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