Memorial Day Weekend + I’ve Got the Funk + Outdoor Run with Deer, Snakes and an Awesome Neighbor

We started off the 3 day Memorial weekend by ensuring the pups were ready for pool time. Emmy hates being in clothes and becomes very needy, and Bella could care less. I walked into the bedroom after taking a shower to see that Lynn had dressed them up. So cute!

Saturday was a rest day for me and my legs were super happy. So, once we were ready we hit the road for a weekend with Mom & Dad Papke. We were also super excited as Lynn’s brother Erik and his girlfriend were in town as well!

Anyone notice anything funny in the picture above? It’s Lynn’s suitcase and the entire right side is puppy clothes. LOL!

We decided to go straight to Luther and Nita’s since we left a little bit later than expected. We had our swimsuits on and enjoyed some time at their pool. Thanks for having us over!!!!

Sarah and Erik were already there, and Nita and their son Derek were getting some sun 🙂

Sarah brought some of her famous cookies again, sorry I didn’t get a picture 🙂 They were delicious and was too busy chewing and not looking for my phone to take a picture.

It was good to see Mom Papke again as well!

Doesn’t she look so much like my Lynn? (Lynn had me put sunscreen in her hair part to avoid sunburn, she hasn’t gone gray, lol)

We had a delicious lunch of coleslaw, potato salad, fried chicken and home made ice cream for dessert. The coleslaw wasn’t your typical mayo based, but had vinegar, etc. So So good! Again, I suck and didn’t get a picture.

Bella and Emmy loved the pool and it was so cute seeing their little legs swim! Good thing they had their bikinis on ready to go!

I was feeling really tired and took a nap right after lunch. Sunburned and exhausted for sure! I even missed out on home made ice cream 🙁

The next morning I woke up feeling awful. During the middle of the night I had woke up a few times with a stuffy nose, and prayed I wasn’t getting sick. Well, by the time I got up it was hitting me full force!

I ate some fruit salad above and headed out for a 5-6 mile run, hoping to sweat the sinus infection out.

I left my music at home and headed into the 90 degree day!

It was really nice to run outside as I’d been on Treadie the treadmill all week.

The first two miles felt great, but by 2.5 I was ready for the turnaround.

Along the way I saw a dead snake, yuck!

I also saw a baby dear and a ton of full grown as well.

That’s the beauty of running in the country, you see so many things, so many roads to run down, and not much traffic!

I really liked this little creek I found, I liked it even more because it was at the bottom of a giant hill.

So, at the 2.5 mile turnaround to hit my 5 miles, I decided to keep going to hit the dead end and get 3 miles, which would essentially turn into 6. I am SO glad I did this as a neighbor saw me sprinting by, caught me at the turn around and had an ice cold bottle of water for me.

Thanks Lois, I couldn’t have made it with out this water! Lesson learned, always have water or electrolytes when heading out this time of the year. Stay ahead of the heat and stay hydrated my friends!

I took it very slow with not feeling well and heat, one of my slowest runs in awhile but I felt good for getting out there! 600 feet of elevation gain too!

I took some meds after the run and a really hot shower. After, we headed back to the Stein’s for a few more hours in the pool. I was cold, so I didn’t stay in long… plus my nose had a mind of its own.

Lunch leftovers were delicious. I am going to be asking for some recipes!

So, we are on the road home right now and I need advice on how to recover so that I can be 100% by…. I dunno….tomorrow? Lol!

Seriously though, I have a big race weekend, don’t want to feel like crud and I am feeling pretty awful right now. I can’t even taste food…. so that is how I know I’ve hit rock bottom 🙂

Was a great Memorial Day Weekend spent with some very special people! Love you all and thanks for everything as always!

PS – I am so sunburnt that wearing a shirt hurts.

See you at the start line. Cough cough hack hack!


– What do you do for sunburns?

– What is your go to when you don’t feel well?

– Any running or races this weekend?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!