Weekly Running + Excited for Some New Skincare + Humidity and Heat On Next Weekend’s Race Menu + Cryotherapy

Weekly Running: Goal was easy pace week in preparation for next week’s Spicewood’s Trail Half Marathon & 10k (Yes, same day races)

* I’ll start with Monday Miles this week and keep it like that moving forward – taking today as a rest day 🙂

Saturday – 4 Miles
Sunday – 4 Miles
Monday – 6 Miles @ 9:13 pace
Tuesday – 3 Miles @ 9:30 pace
Wednesday – 3 morning miles @ 9:10 pace & 5 night miles @ 9:00 pace
Thursday – 5 morning miles @ 9:10 pace & 5 night miles @ 8:47 pace
Friday – 4 morning miles @ 9:00 pace
39 Weekly Miles

It felt good to get into a routine last week, but I’ll tell you that I’m already looking forward to cold weather in winter…. and it’s only May!

Last night we had Poke bowls for dinner and I wanted to watch a movie, so I opened up Netflix and typed in, what else, running.

The following movie Mile to You popped up so we decided to watch while we ate.

This was such a good movie and I’m glad we stumbled upon it!

After a teenager’s friends die in an accident, he finds running allows him to remember them perfectly. Running, however, also brings him notoriety and he pushes himself to the point of almost hurting himself. He is caught between keeping the past alive and making new memories in the present. It was a heartfelt movie for sure! I wanted him to run fast because he was good at it, but wanted him to let go and not be in pain from his traumatic experience and realize what was in front of him. I recommend it! Let me know how you like it!

On my way home I went and saw my girls at ALAMO CITY CRYOTHERAPY. I did 30 minutes in the compression boots first and realized that it was like a big hug on my legs!

I love cryotherapy and am so glad I found such a great place to go. Will be crucial as I work on my base this summer and gear up to kick butt this fall and heading into January’s Chevron Houston Marathon!

I had a package in the mail from Fre Skincare, and was so excited to receive! I’ve been noticing that my skin has been breaking out a bit more as the weather is getting warmer and more humid… making me sweat more.

This product is geared towards women who workout and sweat and I’d heard amazing things! I’ll be posting more as I know my skin will appreciate this decision over the summer! Plus, they plant an Argan tree in Morocco for every set that is purchased and are 100% Vegan & cruelty free! Let’s help save the world and our skin at the same time, lol! It’s going to be a sweaty summer, let’s plan ahead 🙂

Click on the link below to join me – each set lasts for 3 months!

I’m ready for a rest day today and to spend time with my wonderful fiancé and family. Tomorrow I’ll hit the roads again and have my plan together on the taper week for this weekend’s Trail half/10k. Oh yeah, the weather is going to be hot and humid…. yuck! Hoping it doesn’t rain….. come on Mother Nature, work with me!

Have a great weekend! See you at the start line!

What are some running movies I need to watch?

Any races this weekend? Good luck if so!


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