Friday Favorites + 40 Mile Week + Even out of Leftovers + Memorial Day

Bella as a tired baby!

Yesterday I did two back to back runs for the second day in a row and was pretty proud. I did 5 morning miles followed up by another 5 evening miles.

This made it a total of 18 in two days and 35 for the week (before today). Treadie (the treadmill) and I are getting along better, but she’s pretty boring. I also wish the gym, as beautiful as it is, knew how to crank on the air! It gets so hot and stuffy that I’d almost rather be outside!

It’s been really nice getting up all week in the morning and getting my heart rate up before the sun peeks out. With the summer on the horizon, and the humidity thick in the air…. I believe I will be making this a habit, with just a few PM runs throughout the week. Plus, I’m nicer in the mornings when this happens, remember? (My fiancé thinks she’s so funny!)

Brooks Running came out with a new Run Happy Shoe. I need this in a size 9.5 please. With whipped cream and a cherry on top!

9.5 in this color would make ME happy. LOL

The night before I pretty much raided the fridge outside of carrots and eggs. So, the sweet fiancé order Yardhouse via Grub Hub and it had been delivered by the time o got back from my PM run.

I got a big Cobb salad with extra everything and added salmon. Yum!

During my run I had listened to a great podcast featuring Sara And Ryan Hall. They are such incredible people and athletes, and it was touching to hear their story of adopting 4 sisters from Ethiopia. Very faith and family oriented!

Friday Favorites:

The following contain affiliate links and are my favorite items of this past week.

The following books are my favorite of the week. They provide inspiration, advice and help keep that fire for running alive! I have more at this link –

This fuel that got me through my 40 mile week:

Other comforting things:

I hope everyone has an incredible start to your Memorial Day Weekend. Any plans?

See you at the start line


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