8 Miles + Best Phone Call Ever + An Important Topic I Want to Talk About – Post Race Depression

Yesterday morning I woke up a little fuzzy, but headed to get a quick three miles in before work. It was the most enjoyable quick run I’d had in awhile!

I’ve actually really started to enjoy getting my run in early, even though it means less sleep. It’s so quiet and the birds are chirping outside… it’s peaceful, before the world has awaken for the day! Love it!

I sported my BibRave Pro tank (I noticed some info wasn’t showing on yesterday’s post… check it out HERE as it’s now fixed) and felt super cool! Fit and felt great!

Got in 3 morning miles with the plan to knock out 5 more after work.

Yesterday’s morning run felt sooooo good! I could’ve ran another 3 but I needed to shower and head to work!

Last night I did another 5, making it 8 for the day’s total and I was feeling pretty strong. I had to hurry home as I had a very important phone call, more to come after a topic I’d like to discuss.


Over the past few weeks I’ve received a few similar emails that I want to discuss. Not the individual emails per say, but the topic.

The topic? Depression or sadness after crossing the finish line of a big race. Now by big, I don’t mean it has to be an ultra or even a half marathon. Sadness and emptiness can happen after any running achievement and often does, happening to all of us at some point and at some level. Big = personal goal

Think about it, you spend weeks and months eating, sleeping and breathing your race. Your week or a big part of it revolves around your training. Everything you do, how much you sleep… what you eat…. it all affects your running in some way so it’s in your every thought in some shape or form.

You organize your life around training. A day doesn’t go by without thinking about the next long run, your weekly mileage or race tactics, especially as the big day gets closer.

When you cross that finish line and the high from it wears off, your days and weeks might seem more empty.

What I mean by that is, all that time you spent running and training… and thinking about running and training, simply isn’t anymore. All of a sudden there is a ton of time that needs to be filled.

These individuals who emailed didn’t want to run, didn’t want to talk to people and just wanted to be left alone.

If you’re suffering from the post-race blues, be assured that it won’t last forever. In fact every time I get post-marathon/race depression, I rebound into WHAT’S NEXT, almost immediately, and start entering any race I can find that looks good, is a challenge and something else to focus on. I’m a little crazy that way!

This short bout of sadness is something that you’ll just have to ride out. Revel in your achievement and remind yourself that you just did something incredible! Surround yourself with friends and family and other runners who will totally understand.

Also, remember that your body may be a little tired from the build up and the race, so emotions might be running higher than normal from that alone.

You are amazing and no one can ever take that accomplishment away from you! Talk about it and revel in it as often as you need!

Personally, I always have a race on my calendar. It might be a 5k or it might be a 50 miler a year from now…. but there is always a goal no matter how distant or near. No matter if it’s to run faster or farther. What’s important is having something that you can continue to reach for. If it’s not running, maybe make it to wake up earlier and enjoy your mornings…. or maybe it would be to call family more or read a book.

Whatever it is, having something to work towards to fill that void and give you something to better yourself will make you feel like pre-race buildup awesomeness! Promise!

You are amazing. You rock. Never forget that!

I’m always here if you need advice or someone to listen, just send me a message!

So remember earlier when I mentioned that super special phone call? Well… it was with the Chevron Houston Marathon and the other ambassadors for the 2020 race! Ahhhhhh, so exciting!

I actually listened to a podcast during my 5 miles right before taking about the Houston Marathon right after Hurricane Harvey, and how the entire city came together and the running world and beyond offered so much support. Gave me all the feels, and I’m super proud to be part of this incredible race and all it stands for! It has such a special spot in my heart!

It was super cool to hear the voices behind the pictures that were introduced as the Chevron Houston Marathon and Aramco Houston Half Marathon ambassadors. I can’t wait to meet everyone at Global Running Day at Memorial Park June 5th, and if you can make it… please come out and join us! We will have an elite athlete that will be part of this year’s race (not sure if I can share who yet), tons of games, food trucks and amazing runners galore!

I cant wait to train my butt off this summer and while building up to January’s race! So much fun is ahead and I won’t take a second of it for granted!

See you at the start line!


– Have you ever had post race blues?

– What Isaac goal you at working towards? Doesn’t have to be running!

– Planning I’m getting a run in for Global Running Day?


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