Dear Treadmill + Active Release Techniques + Bib Rave Pro + 10 Days until Spicewood Trail Half Marathon AND 10k

As I shared on social media, guess who is now part of the orange family of Bib Rave Pro??!?!! Me!


What a BibRave Pro Looks Like

Bib Rave is always looking for new runners, so to submit an application go HERE.

My picture and info is officially on the site as well. Seeing that just gets me all warm and fuzzy, lol!

So, the treadmill and I had a talk yesterday morning and I told her that we need to become friends. We are going to be spending a lot of early mornings together, and a lot of hours getting to know each other throughout the summer. Relationships are complicated. This one is totally love hate, but I will grin and bear it! Make the most of it… and grow to look forward to it. Not today, but soon 🙂

I did an easy 3 miles on the treadmill after the previous night’s 6. Easy pace at a bit over 9 minutes.

So, Treadie (we will give her a nickname), I call the shots, but be one to me and it will be a good summer. Now, if we could just get them to turn the air on at the gym I’d be happy!

Last night I had an appointment with the amazing DALE LONDOS. He worked on my muscles to flush anything out from this past weeks runs. I’m definitely going to be proactive this summer and heading into marathon buildup, as I refuse to get injured this year. I have to toe that start line in January healthy and super fast (coach, you catch that last part? Lol). Click on Dale’s name above to visit his website and make an appointment. He is fantastic and the nicest guy ever. Oh yeah, and super fast so hoping it rubs off on me!

Lynn has gone with me to my appointment and we drove around Alamo Heights area after for an hour or so. Lynn loves architecture and real estate and I live storybook and seeing new areas and history. So, combine that and our drive around was full of ooooos and ahhhhhhhs! 5 million dollar home anyone with 18 bedrooms? Alamo Heights is gorgeous… very Virginia like!

We ended up at YARDHOUSE for dinner which is one of our favorite places to eat. We had a few beers and queso for an appetizer, then shared poke nachos and some boneless wings for dinner.

Let me just say that these nachos are like heaven on a wonton crisp. So much flavor with the ahi tuna, avocado and sauces… but light. We love them. We had leftover chicken which will go great on a salad! Beer tasted good, but I just so don’t care about it as I felt a bit bloated and tired after! Lol!

I decided today that Wednesday- Friday I’ll do two a days. Run in the morning and one in the evening. This will simulate my Spicewood Trail Race on June 1st. I have a half marathon that morning (1800 feet of elevation gain) and then a 10k several hours later in like 100 degree weather. Should help the tired legs, etc!

Have a great Wednesday!

See you at the Start Line!


– What are some of your go to restaurants?

– Are you a treadmill person?

– What are your plans for Memorial Day Weekend?


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