RRCA – Road Runner’s Club of America Coaching Certification Day 1 + Humidity in San Antonio at its Finest + My Gear


As you know, this weekend is all about RRCA (Road Runner’s Club of America) and getting certified to become a level 1 running coach!

I have been wanting to do this for a few years, but there has never been a class close enough or at the right opportunity until now!

When SARR emailed to say that they had asked the RRCA to come out and host a class, I jumped on it immediately as I know the classes usually sale out within a few hours.

RRCA Mission

The RRCA champions the development of community-based running clubs and events that serve runners of all ages and abilities in pursuit of health and competition.

RRCA Vision

Organized and active running clubs and events in every community

RRCA Values

  • All runners and their safety
  • Diversity in the sport and an enjoyable atmosphere for all
  • Anti-doping compliance
  • Positive relations with members, volunteers, donors, and sponsors
  • Best practices in organizational governance and management

So, this morning I woke up bright and early, and was super excited to go talk about running, training plans, and coaching for over 8 hours.

The class was held at University of the Incarnate Word Professional Golf Management Facility, and I was super excited I didn’t get lost.

SARR even put out some fun little signs to direct us the right way. Thanks guys!

Everyone was so kind and there was tons out to eat and drink for breakfast. I grabbed some granola and half a bagel before taking my seat and double fisting Red Bull and coffee. Bam!

The course book is no joke at almost 500 pages. Lots and lots of good info and I’m glad we get to take it home to keep!

Day One (today):

Much of Day One is seminar-style and lecture-based teaching, with moments of group work and role play.

• Introductions
• Types of Runners and Their Training Needs
• Putting it Together with Physiology + Heat and Altitude
▫ Lunch
• Types of Running: Building a Periodized Program
• Day One Conclusions, Looking Ahead to Day Two

Day Two (tomorrow):

Some of Day Two is seminar-style and lecture-based teaching, with more time devoted to group work, presentations, and role play.

• Reflection on Day One/Introductions
• The Business of Coaching
• Coaching: Sports Psychology
• Building Programs, Part I
• Building Programs, Part II
• Conclusions and Next Steps
• Supplemental as Time Allows: Form, Injuries, Nutrition

I really enjoyed diving into the beginning of training plans, learning needs of different levels of athletes and so much more! Also, I took a hard look at my own running/how to better and what my coaching philosophy will be.

Understanding an athlete’s lifestyle and goals is important when developing a training plan. Since the body adapts specifically to the stress placed on it, the athlete should focus on training specific to their event to ensure they can reach their goal. So much to learn and teach… will take time and studying for sure as no way this can all be mastered in two days!

I am so excited to use this new knowledge to kick some butt this fall and over the next several years. As you know, I’m good about showing up for races, but I’ve never been amazing about the in between for longer distances. I have had that fire in me for awhile now. Can’t wait to do it right and to lead by example with other athletes!

Lunch was some of the biggest pizza I had ever seen. Big Lou’s Pizza slices were as long as my arm! 42 inch pizzas, can you believe it!

I have to say that Randy Accetta, Who is the director of coaching education for RRCA and who taught you the class, was great. Randy was super funny with a dry sense of humor and don’t care attitude. I found him hilarious but very knowledgeable. I’m excited for tomorrow’s class!

I also got to spend time with these lovely ladies, Andrea and Elizabeth. I met Elizabeth on Instagram and we stay in contact and support each other at races etc… pretty cool! Andrea was in NOLA with our group when we ran the half marathon in February RACE RECAP HERE

After class I went on an easy run. My intention was to run for an hour, but it had rained and was more humid than it’s been all year and was almost suffocating! Humidity and high temps made the heat index almost 100!

I felt amazing for half a mile, then almost got attacked by mosquitos and wanted to choke from the heat and humidity! I was disappointed to see that the water had filled back into my normally running route, flooding the bridges as well. Probably another reason it was sticky out and mosquitos were chasing me like a horror movie. 3 miles and I was happy to call it quits and to be back at my car chugging water.

Also, I’m happy to say that my foot felt back to normal completely, and I enjoyed running in my Brooks Hyperions for the first time since December. Those are my Fast shoes 🙂

Been working on updating MY GEAR and RACE & PRODUCT DISCOUNTS so check them out! More to come!

I’m getting into bed late after a full belly of Poke Bowl and spending a bit of time with my sweet girl! Miss her this weekend 🙂

Going to wake up early and get some miles in on the treadmill before showering and heading into class for day 2!

Have a great Sunday!

– Anyone racing this weekend?

– Have you ever attended the RRCA class before?

– How do you run through humidity?


2 thoughts on “RRCA – Road Runner’s Club of America Coaching Certification Day 1 + Humidity in San Antonio at its Finest + My Gear

  1. Glenn McRill

    Great job completing the in person course. SARR is a great group of runners. Jim, Prisana, Edie, Keith(who brought lunch both days), Dawn, Scott, Adrian, Lisa, Kathy, and Denise just to name a few. As a one year coach, I recommend rotatating through all the other volunteer positions, if possible, and getting a coaching mentor to share additional wisdom not learned in the class. We all have different thoughts and personality styles. I applaud your website and blog. Great job coach!!

    1. Hi Glenn! Keith did an amazing job on lunch… I had never seen pizza that big! SARR is an amazing group, and I want to get more involved. Before I lived in San Antonio, I was on the board for the Charlottesville Track Club and before that when I lived in Houston I was heavily involved with the Houston Striders. I love running clubs and the friendships and support that come along with it. I’ve been working with a long time coach getting mentored, and yes that is great advice as she has had a ton of wisdom to share! I agree about everyone having different thoughts and personality! I can’t wait to continue to learn, to volunteer… and to get more involved! Any opportunities, send them my way! Thanks for reading and for the support! Have an incredible week!

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