Back at it + Officially signed up for the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon + I’m tired & that’s okay + Koala Clip

Another week is almost over, where does the time go? You know what’s crazy? In six months, we will be a week out from getting married!!!!!

I came across some photos like the one above from our first weekend in Virginia almost two years ago. I had met my best friend and my forever, and I was always so sure of that!

This week I have been so pumped to talk about becoming one of just a few ambassadors for the 2020 Chevron Houston Marathon. I’ve been wearing old finisher shirts, loving my magnets on the fridge from past races…. and getting more and more excited about it as time passes 🙂

Yesterday I got to officially sign up, and am excited to toe the Start Line in January for my 22nd marathon! I was talking to my best friend Liz last night about our very first races together almost a decade ago, and we reminisced on some of the Houston race weekends. I’ll have to bust out those medals and bibs, would be fun to see!

This week has gone by quickly, but I’ve been mentally and physically worn down for some reason. It’s only been 12 days since the 50, and I think I was still catching up a bit from that race. I also hit the gym several days and maybe I should’ve given my body a bit more time before I did leg and booty workouts. I don’t know. (Sorry for blurry pic)

That being said, tonight I came home and decided I’d go for my first run since the 50 (that was longer than a few miles as I’d been on the treadmill a few times). I didn’t want to with how I felt, but knew I’d feel better after and getting back into it was so important! Although I felt a bit like garbage during those 4 miles, I know that it’s what I needed. That, and to talk it out with Lynn when I was done!

I realized that I was just a bit stressed. I have a lot going on in my head and on my plate with work, running, etc…. but I love it all. However, I feel a bit scattered and disorganized and it’s what I believe has weighed me down this week. Nothing on its own is totally stressing me out, but because I don’t feel organized, I don’t have a starting point to get caught up!

So, after talking it out I realize it’s okay to have a few off days. What’s important is to recognize WHY I’m stressed and to react and not let things fester and just dig my head in the sand. I’m going to get a good nights sleep, wake up a bit early and organize myself from the time I step foot out of bed tomorrow.

I’m a note taker, and it helps me prioritize myself. So, I’m going to do just that… put it on paper and check it off as I go. I will FEEL like I’m accomplishing things and relief will come with each check mark.

Not every day is going to feel amazing. Not every run is going to be great. Not every day is going to be filled with energy. However, recognizing that and knowing how to work with how I feel to get things done and to feel good IS important.

I got this, and tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow will be on my side and I’ll come away from it back on track!

I was super excited to be sent a KOALA CLIP as it’s something I’ve been wanting to try forever! You’ll noticed that I’m pretty bad about running with my phone in hand. Exhibit A below, LOL

I will be trying this amazing Koala Clip out this weekend! Something to totally look forward to on my next run! Check out their website as they have a ton of different colors, etc… Never carry your phone again and keep it clean, sweat proof and safe! There is also a bit of extra room in there for a key or a credit card just in case! Bam!

This week has been full of salad and yogurt!

I have a CryoTherapy appointment tomorrow night and am going to tell them to crank it down as low as it will go! Then, it will be early bed so I can be rested and alert for my RRCA coaching certification this weekend! So excited for that!

Also, come run with me at the Midsummer Night’s Dream 5k or 10k (10k 2 person relay available as well) put on by the amazing Scallywompus! Sign up HERE and don’t forget to use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 for 15% off!

Finally, don’t forget to check out VISTO ATHLETIC and back their kickstarted to reserve your amazing reflective apparel!

See you at the start line!

*** What are you up to this weekend?

*** Do you carry your phone on your person when you run?

*** How do your reorganize yourself when you feel disorganized?


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