Dinner Party + Fredericksburg Wedding Planning + New Running Route + Hills

Happy Sunday everyone and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I hope everyone is wearing green so they don’t get pinched, has consumed a green beer and has had a really great weekend!

A year ago today, Lynn and I were in Virginia Beach where I was running the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon! It was a tough one for me, but was a great race! I will definitely want to run again in the future! Congrats to all those who ran today!

Friday night we were invited over to our friends Alberto and Mariselva’s house for dinner. Their daughter just got married in January and so we are picking their brain for our wedding in November.

He made a delicious salad with steak prepared on the grill for dinner! Was so good, and I can’t remember the last time I had beef so it was a treat for sure!

Alberto is helping us with our wedding (thank goodness) as he has an extensive background with catering and all things fancy and special events! He’s done it all, met some amazing people over the years, and has even better stories! His wife should also be a wedding planner as amazing as she made her daughter’s wedding! We are grateful for their help!

We picked up dessert to take from Cupcake Couture . We had never been there before but we were very satisfied! The chocolate toffee, Inferno (infused with habenero, etc but topped with almond cream), cupcake couture (like an amazing hostess cupcake), Italian Cream, etc…. everything we tried was delicious and everything we didn’t try we will buy again…. and then some! Lynn has decided she wants cupcakes for the wedding now, LOL! Bit pricey at $3.25 each but were delicious!

Yesterday/Saturday morning we slept in and it was totally needed. We didn’t go to bed until super late, so I’m not sure how much sleep we caught up on. However, I had a ten mile run so I was pretty pumped about that!

I made some steel cut oats with fruit, pecans and some honey, grabbed my GU and headed out the door!

I went to the normal trail and did 4 out and backs to equal the 10 miles. I was trying to be quick as it was a late start to the day and we were headed to Fredericksburg as soon as I was finished!

I listened to podcasts the whole time, one about the 2016 Boston Marathon again and one with Alia Gray who is a 2 X Olympic Trials Qualifier, and has done some amazing stuff on the track as well!

I think for my 50 miler I’m going to listen to podcasts for the first half so I can get lost in those a bit, and THEN crank on the music when my legs are starting to get pretty tired and I need something to pump me up for the last 25 miles (gulp).

My quads were a bit tight/sore from the week, but this was an easy 10 miles so I took it at that and truly enjoyed the run! My average pace was 9:40 and I’m okay with that for now!

After I got cleaned up, we headed into Fredericksburg and spent some time at our venue. We took pictures of the pavilion and discussed how we may want to have things set up for our big day! I’m going to work on a schematic so we can shuffle things around, but get a vision of things on paper. I’m so excited, and I know how fast time is going to fly!

We stopped at Magnolia Pearl which was down the street from our venue. We had never been and were curious as to what it was. It was very interesting to say the least. Vintage hippie was what we took away from it. It’s a retail clothing store but seems as if they do live music outside.

Next, we wanted to stop by Das Peach House as we had never been as well. We fell in love with this quaint little place!

First, they had amazing samples of things inside! Salsas, vinegars, jams (Bluebonnet was amazing as it had apple cider, apple and almond it it), fresh apple cider, etc…

Everything was delicious and I could spend all day in there tasting all the fresh and delicious items! There was a peach salsa I fell in love with as well as some of the infused vinegars!

They also had these delicious, super thick crackers that were offered for the samples. I’d never had anything quite like it, but the name says it all! There was a lake behind the building where you could chill with a drink, and just enjoy the water. So beautiful!

We finally ended up on Main Street where we decided to walk and keep an eye out for dinner. We conveniently parked 100 feet from Dogologie so we ventured inside to see if they had anything cute to wear for the wedding 🙂

They didn’t have what we were looking for but we saw some super cute outfits! We loved this one that had anchors all over it! Sooooo cute!

They even had socks that looked like our girls, and cupcakes we could get them so they can have “wedding cake” on our big day as well! Be proud, we walked out empty handed, but man did they have some cute items!

My favorite was when Lynn saw a humongous stuffed Frenchie Roast Latte! LOL! Bella would have a field day with this thing! I also love this picture because my girl looks super pretty.

We ended up at West End Pizza Company and even with a 45 minute wait we decided it was something we wanted to try! Everything else we walked by was on a wait, so we decided to stick it out!

We got fried pickle spears with ranch to start which were pretty good! I always like when they are spears vs the pickle chips. More dill pickle in each bite!

I forgot to take a picture of the salad and pizza, but it was just okay and came out to be a bit pricey for what it was. We are glad we went, but not necessarily somewhere we thing we’d go back. The service was very interesting as well!

We had a great date night, and we talked Wedding most of the day! Can’t wait to get hitched and stay wedding weekend in our venue again like we did below for New Year’s Eve! Love my girl!

This morning I pulled the hair up in a power bun and headed out for my 5 miles + Hills.

I went to the same trail, but took a different path and I can honestly say that was the most enjoyable run I’ve had in awhile. I didn’t take my music, had new scenery to take in, the weather was perfect… the miles flew by and I was back to my car before I knew it! There was a decent amount of elevation but I know it’s good for me and my training!

Average pace was an easy 9:19.

I muttered a smile for the car ride to the hill I was about to punish myself with. I haven’t done much hill training, but it is now on my weekly training program and I know how strong it will make me in my running! Trust the process!

Let me just say it was tough! This doesn’t do the grade of elevation justice. I did 7 repeats of 200 meters with recoveries on the way down. This will be perfect for what I need and I’ll be back next week, increasing the reps each week moving forward!

8:35 pace for the 1.5 miles (recoveries included)

HEB was a blast ( not) and now I have a Keratin treatment sitting in my hair and I need to go rinse!

So, I hope everyone has a fantastic week and a relaxing evening!

See you at the start line!


– What did you do for Saint Patrick’s Day?!

– How often do you do hill training?

– What is your favorite pizza topping or specialty pizza and from where?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!