Wedding Cake Tasting + Trails + Track + Its not Winter Anymore + Lemonade

Happy Friday Eve!

Yesterday was the first warm day it seems since about 17 years ago. Okay, it’s not that bad, but it’s the first day I remember in months I could be outside without a jacket.

I had an easy 5 miles on my agenda for yesterday, so I decided to go to the trails. I figured I’d run 2.5 miles out (as I knew there was a water fountain at that point) gulp some water, and run back.

I got some miles in on the concrete trails, but also a bit on the dirt trails too. Was a truly beautiful breezy day, but man was it hot. Like really, really hot!

I immediately missed the cold weather, and that water fountain at mile 2.5 couldn’t come fast enough!

I usually run with a handheld water bottle (see MY GEAR for exact one) and I pull it out of the freezer before a run. However, being that I’ve been going straight to my workout after work I don’t have the handheld. So, I think I need to look into a hydration vest, as I’ll need it for my 50 miler anyways. I’ll die on those hot day runs without water!

I got in 5 miles ( not sure why it stopped at 4.6. I was using Strava on my phone and I must’ve hit the button to pause or stop. (Need Garmin)

I was pleasantly surprised with my pace for the 5 miles, as I felt super slow and sluggish yesterday. However, with the heat and track workout the day before, that is the whole point of an easy 5 mile recovery run! I’ve got to remember that not all runs will feel incredible, and recovery runs are just as important as the speed work. It’s okay to run slower paces, as it helps build you up and recover for the faster days!

We had a cake tasting yesterday and we loved every second and bite we had with Cynthia at Cakes & More. She knew her stuff and was very kind! We love the design we drew up together and our favorite flavors were Italian cream, Almond and Champagne. We loved different fillings with each flavor as well, such as Godiva white chocolate and amaretto. Combinations to be a surprise and we are deciding if this is the direction we want to go.

Her bakery was cute with lots of displays set up and smelled as sweet as the cake tasted! Can’t wait to make a decision and I highly recommend Cynthia and Cakes & More to anyone 🙂

We decided to walk around La Cantera for a bit and we actually walked into a few more jewelry stores and tried on wedding bands again!

We actually really liked a straight band and now are torn between the crisscross one and this beautiful ring. Tough decisions!

We also walked into Carlo’s Bakery to see what all the hype was as this is the first time we could get inside without a line out the door. We walked out empty handed but everything looked incredible!

There was a stand up of Buddy Valestro if you wanted a photo op!

Lynn also made me take a picture of a child’s electric Tesla that she wanted for our future children. I told her not to hold her breath.

Dinner was leftover poke with a ton of mix ins from the fridge!

This morning we woke up a bit groggy, but it’s not the usual that I complain about (Lynn says I need to stop complaining so much).

The whole building smelled like gas, and I woke up in the middle of the night and we could actually get hints of it in our apartment at that point which was scary. Then, the dogs went crazy and Lynn swears someone rang the doorbell. So, we were a bit freaked out and didn’t really go back to sleep.

I had another easy 5 miles with 8 – 30 second strides at 95% 5k race pace at the end. I remember my GU so I started out feeling strong.

I decided to do my 5 miles at the track so I could stop every few miles for some ice cold water (you better believe my Be Nauti bottle was filled to the brim)

I decided to listen to a podcast today instead of music, and I forgot how much I like them! This one was really good, and featured Kristen Garzone who is trying to hit 4 hours or less on her 8th marathon in Main. She also talked about having her first child and postpardum depression, and losing a dear friend to the disease. I got choked up listening to her story and wish her and her family all the best! I admire all the good she is doing as a result of losing someone dear to her heart. I know the attention and understanding she is bringing to postpartum depression will help more people than she will ever know! I hope she kicks butt at her marathon and brings home that PR she is working so hard to achieve!

I really enjoy all of Lindsey Hein’s podcasts and can’t wait to listen to more!

I was happy with my 5 mile splits for an easy day with an average of 9:08 and I’m glad I stuck to the track. I drank that whole bottle of golden ice water!

For my strides, I did 100 yard sprints with even recoveries at a faster than 5k pace.

4 of the 6 sprints were at 18 seconds and the other 2 were at 19 seconds.

I hit up Target as we both needed new phone chargers. I also fell into the dog toy aisle some how and Bella is the proud new owner of squeaky lemonade. She is obsessed with it! I didn’t buy the others, but we love Bark toys!

Dinner was seared ahi tuna over kale, arugula and veggies!

Hope everyone has a great start to their Friday tomorrow!


– Do you use a hydration vest? What brand, size, etc do you recommend?

– Do you ever listen to Podcasts while running/working out? Any recommendations?


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!