Addicted + Speed work at the Track + Wedding Bands

Happy Tuesday!

The above was exactly how I felt yesterday and today. For some reason, the Spring time change always makes me a bit groggy. How about you? Thank goodness for Starbucks!

After work yesterday, the fiancé and I had appointments to get our hair cut. I just got a trim of about an inche and Lynn shortened up her bob. It’s super cute and she looks beautiful.

I’m going to do the keratin treatment on my hair this weekend so it will be super shiny and I can wear it straight longer. I’ve been pretty lazy with it the past few months!

Doesn’t her hair look good? Also, yes, were at the poke bowl place again last night! I once again got everything but the kitchen sink. Well, the kitchen sink and wasabi I HATE wasabi! Why? When I was much younger, I was at an Asian buffet and put a heap on my plate thinking it was guacamole. Well, long story short I put a big ol’ spoonful in my mouth at once and almost died. Well, I wanted to! I’ve hated it ever since!

We also went to try on wedding bands at DIAMONDS DIRECT and we had a wonderful experience! Getting wedding bands is something we want to purchase and get checked off on our list! We picked a favorite and are marinating on it to see if that is the direction we go. If so, full blog post on that to be expected as it’s so fun and exciting!

Lynn and I would both get the same band, as it goes with both of our engagement rings. The bands in our rings are similar although the ring itself is totally different. Isn’t this band beautiful?! We love it!

This morning I had oatmeal with flax, chia seeds, etc and added some pecans, cranberries and banana with a little honey. Was delicious! I’m also addicted to oatmeal at this time.

Today was Intervals at the track. I was super tired but super excited! I did remember my GU and ice water and thank goodness for that as it felt like it was 81 with the freaking wind blowing 22mph. The wind stunk, but just made the workout better!

I started with a 2 mile warmup at an easy pace.

-Mile 1 @ 9:04 pace

-Mile 2 @ 9:04 pace

I then had twelve 400s at 5k pace. I did 10 as with the wind and first long workout back at track, I was spent! Don’t want to risk injury just getting back in the game!

– 1st 400 @ 6:31 pace

– 2nd 400 @ 6:51 pace

– 3rd 400 @ 6:17 pace

– 4th 400 @ 6:24 pace

– 5th 400 @ 6:06 pace

– 6th 400 @ 5:51 pace

– 7th 400 @ 5:55 pace

– 8th 400 @ 6:03 pace

– 9th 400 @ 5:58 pace

– 10th 400 @ 5:56 pace

I then did a mile workout instead of 2 as I was over the wind. I’ll be better next time!

Cool down mile at a 9:46 pace

I need a Garmin. I used Strava and had to screenshot every 400 and start over as I wanted to see splits!

I looked a little rough! Lots of wind like I said!

I may or may not have (I did) pull into the poke bowl place and get two more to go! We are addicted!

So, now we are about to shove some ahi tuna and seaweed salad into our faces while we cuddle and watch TV!

Tomorrow we have our first cake tasting! We are excited!

See you at the start line!


– What is your favorite flavor of cake

– Has the time change affected you at all?

– Do you know an app for the watch or iPhone that allows better stats for track workouts?


One thought on “Addicted + Speed work at the Track + Wedding Bands

  1. That feature image is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen!! I’m still recovering from crazy daylight savings. LOVE the bob on Lynn. Looks awesome!

    Okay that story about wasabi sounds horrific- goodnessss!! But the poke sounds just wonderful nonetheless. & you cannnnot go wrong with seaweed salad. It’s one of my faves!

    Can’t wait to hear about the cake tasting!

    – Favorite flavor : Lemon! I am a sucker for lemon anything. But also, I don’t discriminate against any cake flavor.
    – YES. YES. YES.
    – Hmm I just use mapmyrun every once in a while, but I’m not tech savvy at all haha.
    Thanks for sharing, Taushah!

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