Hilly 5k Scallywompus Race complete + 2nd Place AG and 5th OA female + We said yes to Bridesmaid dresses

So, how many people felt tired if they had an alarm go off this morning?! I know I did! It took Lynn and I a few minutes to understand why we felt sluggish. Oh yeah, the time change! So, not only did we go to bed super late, but the alarm technicality went off at 4:30am. Yuck! One of these days I’ll be a real runner and go to bed early the week of a race! It’s coming, trust 🙂

The day was humid and drizzly, but I was super pumped for my first 5k since December and injury. I also had zero expectations as I’ve said only being back at it for a few weeks.

I picked up my bib and timing chip, had my fancy marathon series Brooks on, and was ready to go!

Lynn was taking pictures (I’m a proud fiancé) so she was busy at work while I raced.

I figured the race was going to be a bit hilly, and man was I right! If this wasn’t the final motivation to put hills back into my weekly workout, I don’t know what would be. So yeah, hills are now my Monday workouts. My whole training has been updated and I’m excited!

** Mile 1 felt pretty good but there was a doozy of a hill as we headed towards the turnaround. Like, pretty much the first mile and a half. HA!

Mile 2 was my slowest and I tried not to barf.

Mile 3 Was like 17 miles.

After catching breath – “Yeah, that wasn’t so bad! I could’ve done better, maybe I’ll sign up for another one next weekend!”

Seriously though, it was tough and I’m excited to work on speed and hills! I also want my next 5k (outside of the Scallywompus Wanderlust 5k in Fredericksburg April 6th ( use code ROADRUNNERCHICK15 for 15% off at THIS LINK ) to be one I PR at.

I was pleasantly surprised that I stayed at the front of the pack most of the race. I was in 3rd, but got passed up while losing steam right before mile 3. I ended up 2nd overall in age group and 5th female overall. Not too shabby 🙂

Lynn thought she was being funny taking my picture after I received my award by putting her camera directly in my face.

I was super excited to meet Jill, 5kdivasa, from Instagram…. so naturally we had to take a picture for the blog! She did a great job as well and so glad we finally got to chit chat!

Once again, Scallywompus outdid themselves and it was a true come for the race, stay for the party. From the delicious fruit, adult beverages, delicious chocolate milk, Whataburger Taquitos, sauasage on a stick etc… there was something for everyone and people really enjoyed!

Lynn got a ton of pictures and Scallywompus will be uploading them shortly to Facebook so make sure to visit them HERE to view and read all about past and future races!

I had yet another memory come up from 6 years ago today. I think it was my 6th or 7th half marathon. I haven’t aged at all, right?

One more thing I forgot to mention? These pancakes they were making at the race, sample size. I really really liked them and will definitely be trying protein pancakes in the future. We have some boxes of a different brand in our cupboard from the Austin Half marathon. I’ll be whipping those up soon!

So, we were super excited (but not as excited as the girl helping us was when my sweaty butt walked in to try on bridesmaids dresses) to visit David’s Bridal today!

We had a game plan of what we wanted after stalking them online. We also decided David’s Bridal was the easiest as it’s in every state and city and since our girls are all over the USA, it worked 🙂

I tried on the dresses so we could get an idea of what they looked like on a human being vs a hanger. We knew pretty quickly which one we wanted, and within an hour we were done.

We also took a look at accessories and saw some funny and cute items. We like the My Humans Are Getting Married! For the pups! We need dresses for them now!

We went to La Cantera as Lynn needed to order contacts and I wanted to get my forever bear filled. We’ve only been once since Christmas so we were due a few refills and this will be delicious during the week as a reward for hard workouts! Lol

We also made a hair appt to get a trim tomorrow so that will feel good! I will also do my Keratin treatment this weekend and it’s so expensive to do, I didn’t want any dead ends soaking up the dollar signs I’ll be putting into my hair. Then, I can finally wear it straight and down as I’ve been pretty lazy the past 6 months or so 🙂

I made Salmon and acorn squash for dinner. Y’all, this is the only way to eat it!

Made for a delicious meal and we are both beyond stuffed!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Has the time change affected you get?!

Questions –

– What is your favorite side dish? I need recipes

– How long does it take you to change the clocks in your house after time change? (I used to be bad… like, I would wait until the time changed again to be right. Mostly in my car. Don’t tell anyone)

– What’s your favorite speed workout or hill workout? (Do we really have a favorite?! Lol)


I want to hear from you! Please leave me a comment.... or three!