Half Marathon #30 in the Books + Austin Half Recap

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Yesterday was a special day and a special race for me for a few reasons!

-Half Marathon #30

-Had half marathon number 29 a week ago

-Third time running since Christmas due to injury

-It was in Austin and we got to see friends and family, so that was the best!!!

Alarm went off at 4:30am and I was so excited to put on my Boo Bear bib. I decided to wear my Brooks Launch 5 for the race and had my ankle taped the day before at the expo. I have to say I’m a believer as I had zero ankle pain during the race, for the first day since Christmas. Now, if that tape could’ve brought back my endurance that I lost the past few months I would’ve blown the race out of the water! Lol
We took a little longer than planned to get out the door so I was stressing per usual about finding parking and a port a potty before the start! Right as we were about to make it to our last exit, the above happened. I thought the train was going to try and set a world record and I was getting more nervous with each boxcar that passed. Aahhh!
I was dying of thirst as we waited for the start and Lynn found me this bottle of water. Isn’t this type of cap awesome? I’ve never seen this, now I want this on all my water bottles so I don’t lose the top!

I was super nervous for the elevation gain for the first few miles and was hoping my ankle would hold up! I am happy to report that I felt great although my legs were feeling it from lack of running outside of racing these past few month! There was slight downhill for the next few miles and before I knew it the race was half over.

About that point the “rolling” hills started and there were some doozies. My legs at this point felt like bricks and I got a little nervous. Gu was my lifesaver as usual to keep me fueled!

I decided in that very moment to not let mental be my weakness for this race! I knew I wasn’t trying to set PRs, I knew I was lucky to be running when I wasn’t sure it would be possible a few weeks ago, and I was feeling positive and running FASTER than the half I completed a week ago on a pancake flat course in NOLA! So, I did just that and ran with joy!

There were more Mount Everests to climb and I only walked for a few seconds on one that was so steep at mile 12 it was HARD to run even at a slow pace. So, during those hard moments I got my phone out and took pictures and texted Lynn while running, the short walk break etc…. and it distracted me until I looked up and was at the top! I saw our friend Monica at mile 12.25ish and definitely put a smile on my face! Now to just get to the finish!

I loved everything about this race, and although it was hard, I came out of my running season feeling good and enjoyed the race so much. I was a few minutes faster than last week in NOLA (although much much slower than my best) and although I’m so disappointed that I got injured before three of the races I wanted to come in hard at… I’m grateful. I got to run them all, it made me love running even more, dig deeper than I thought possible, and gave me many more goals.

I will do everything possible to take the best care of myself so I can get through my 33k and 50 miler in the next few months, bust my butt this summer and come back super strong in the fall and winter for some 5ks and half marathons before I do it all over again this next year!

Lynn was waiting for me at the finish, of course, and I was so excited when I saw her because I felt great and no pain! I’m back!!!!! (Knock on wood)

Lynn took some incredible pictures while I was out running and once again, I can’t wait to see how far her photography takes her. She has quite the eye for pictures (She’s available for booking, hint hint)

After I finished we walked around the after party. Neither one of us felt like beer, but they had the beer garden, and the whole thing set up better than most of the races I’ve ran! Lots of things to try and see! Live footage of the race was playing above even which was awesome! Anyone notice the Planters-mobile again!!??

The Chameleon Cold-Brew was incredible and refreshing. Tasted like chocolate milk and I wanted more!

They had the belts you could buy to put the race bling on if you wanted at the finish line. Pretty cool! Gotta love Texas!

We realized at this point that we needed to head to my car as my parking was about up, and Lynn’s phone was dead! Plus, we needed to head back so I could shower and we needed to pack up to meet Lynn’s parents to pick up the pups!

Lynn wasn’t feeling well so she took a nap while I got ready. (Such as sweet fiancΓ© I have. Not feeling 100% yet willing to get up at 4:30am and cheer me on once again!)

We met Mom and Dad Papke and our friends Cortney and Isaac at Hi Sign Brewery. The pups went bonkers when they saw us and had to be held the whole time!

It was so good to see everyone and to catch up. Cortney is having her second baby in a few weeks so glad we got to see how she was feeling! Lynn also gave her her Boomf!

After a few hour visit we headed home! We stopped at Chipotle on the way so we’d have dinner. I mixed half my bowl with, yup, you guessed it – more veggies! I have the other half for the next meal πŸ™‚

Plus, we had to rush home so we could give the girls their Valentine’s Day gifts!

Bella loves her outfit and claimed all the toys. Emmy pouted in her Tres Chic tutu but loves it now. She just wishes Bella would let her play. Poooooor Emmy!

I will definitely be doing Austin next year and have huge goals! I’m excited to let my body heal over the next few days as am definitely feeling it! I’m so looking forward to resume training hopefully pain free!

Congrats to all those that completed Austin as well as any workout, race, etc this past weekend!

I’m grateful for all of you being a part of my journey and for listening to me complain about my ankle for the last few months!

It’s made me so grateful for the sport, for health, and for my amazing Lynn’s support!

I’m ready to move forward!

See you at the Start Line…. soon… and better than ever! Just give me some time πŸ™‚

Thanks for all the support!


– Will you come Run Austin next year with me πŸ™‚

– What are your workout/training/racing accomplishments from this weekend?

– What is the coolest medal you’ve ever earned?


2 thoughts on “Half Marathon #30 in the Books + Austin Half Recap

  1. Great job! Congrats on #30. I’ve yet to run anything in Austin, but I don’t know why–everything down there looks so much fun. I won a pint glass full of porter at a 5k in December; that was pretty cool. Other than getting out there and putting in some miles and keeping up my weight training, I’ve had no accomplishments lately. I need to sign up for something to stay motivated; I’m getting bored with it.

  2. Good work Taushah – your enjoyment and enthusiasm for running far outweighs your injury niggles and doubts.
    1. Love to, but a bit far to travel for me πŸ™‚
    2. Social run (a few miles) with the group + a tempo 6.5 miles on Sunday.
    3. Not bothered with medals, just my full marathon ones.

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