26 Things or Reasons + 36 Hours

Happy Friday World!

36 hours from now I will be running the Chevron Houston Marathon. Well, I’ll have crossed the starting line and HOPEFULLY I’m still running!

  • 1 Goal this weekend – to finish the Chevron Houston Marathon. Preferably in one piece after a month hiatus of running. I. Miss. Running. So. Bad.
  • 2 More nights of sleep before the race. I should be in bed already as we are getting up early tomorrow to head to Houston hit up the expo to get my bib and packet… aka… runners heaven. (It is now 10:33pm… not happening)
  • 3 Day weekend! I will probably have to come in to work on Monday as this week and next week are pretty crazy for me!
  • 4 people in our apartment tonight! Lynn’s parents graciously came to stay the weekend and watch little Bella and Emmy while we were in Houston for the race. Their little pup Wrigley came too!
  • 5 am will come early but that is the time I’d like to be out the door headed to be dropped off at the convention center before the race!
  • 6 years ago this weekend I ran my first marathon! I had no idea how much of a beast it was compared to the half. Mentally it is still hard to wrap my brain around 26 miles at time. Mile by mile, step by step.

  • 7 years ago I ran my first half marathon. I was hooked and I’ve done 28 total as of today. Next month I have New Orleans February 10th and then Austin the following weekend on February 17th will be my 30th Half. Woo hoo!
  • 8 miles walked around work today. Was a little nuts-a-roo for a Friday. Now if I can just run that plus 18 more miles on Sunday I’ll be golden. I’m praying to the running Gods as we speak….
  • 9 pm is my cutoff for sleep tomorrow. I’m the worst at training for marathons when it comes to showing up well rested.
  • 10 pm is when I’ll probably actually get to sleep. I’m already mad at myself.
  • 11-19 represents the miles in the middle of a Marathon that down right stink. Lol! When you’ve gone so far but have so much farther to go!!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️
  • 20 Marathons I’ve ran before this weekend. 5 of them in the beautiful town of Houston!
  • 21 will my new Marathon total after Sunday! It will be, it will be, come on running ankle healing Gods!
  • 22 will be my next total goal! I’d like it to be in another state line New York!
  • 23 is my fiancé’s lucky number so have to add it here for good luck!
  • 24 Hours from now I’ll be winding down. Who am I kidding, I’ll be pumped up, excited, scared and won’t sleep a wink!
  • 25 is the mile I’ll get emotional knowing how close I am! I. Will. Do. This. I know I can… it’s only my ankle standing in the way. I will have a serious conversation with it tomorrow.
  • 26 Miles between me and seeing the finish line in front of me. I WILL do this! I CAN do this! Ankle, it’s either you or me… and I’m the boss!

it’s absolutely perfect weather on Sunday. Well, my perfect running weather! Supposed to be super windy tomorrow, so glad that isn’t Sunday’s forecast. Babe, you might want to grab a coat…. gonna be a chilly race day morning 😁

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post… from Houston TX!!!! I will also announce the first winner of Shalane Flanagan’s cookbook! Good luck! Follow this blog via email and my Instagram @roadrunnerchic1


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