Breakfast of Champions + ARP +Another crack of the back

5 Days – 10 Hours – 24 Minutes + 42 seconds until the 2019 Chevron Houston Marathon. Dear sweet baby Jesus… let this ankle continue to feel better and be strong enough to get me through 26.6 miles. No, that’s not a typo… I suck at tangents and always run a long race. Really brings down my average pace. LOL

This is a funny Youtube clip about the stages of despair during a marathon… click, watch and have a laugh 🙂

Today was a super busy but productive day at work as a new semester has started. I woke up at 3 am with work on the brain and as tired as I was I couldn’t shut my brain off. So, around 5 am I gave up on sleep and got up to take a shower.

I was all ready before Lynn got up and I realized I forgot to buy bagels at the store and I was also out of yogurt. ( I’m a shopping failure) So, I decided to make pancakes and scrambled eggs. I’m not huge on pancakes as I’m more of a savory person in the mornings, so I had a small pancake with some eggs mixed with veggies and cheese. I added some chocolate chips to Lynn’s fluffy bites of heaven and we ate while watching Judge Judy. Doesn’t everyone do that? Asking for a friend…

I was running around all morning and put my ankle to the test for sure! I had 5 miles in before 11 am just walking around from location to location. Ankle held up!!!

I also had some random pictures show up courtesy of Facebook showcasing a few December memories. Remember when I used to be a real runner?! Well, hopefully I can lace those shoes up this week for a trial run! Aiming for Wednesday or Thursday! Why not double whammy it all and run in my new, never been worn before Ugly Christmas Sweater Shoes as well. Go big or go home, right?! Hey, Brooks motto is “Run Happy” so my expectations are pretty high for those shoes.

I snarfed down a salad and bag of Doritos before I headed out for my ARP consultation and first treatment, followed by my second crack of the back (chiropractor appt) and orthotics molding/ordering. It was delicious even though I ate so fast I barely tasted anything. It was a pretty late lunch due to a busy morning and being full from breakfast.

I was so so so so so excited for my ARP appointment (Neuro Sports Performance and Rehab). Paul spent about 30 minutes explaining things to me regarding the way the muscles and wiring of our body works. It was VERY eye opening and it’s crazy to think that the pain one usually has, is a result of something not working right elsewhere.

I got hooked up to a few wires and he moved this rubber thing over a wet sponge up and down my right leg as that is the one with the bad ankle. I was supposed to tell him when it hurt as it was sending this tingling into the spots as he would move the piece around. Ironically, when it was over my hurt ankle… it didn’t bother me too bad… as he moved up my calf, parts of my knee and up to my outer knee then quad I couldn’t handle how bad it hurt. Was pretty neat as he was pinpointing the areas that needed worked on… the more it hurt the more the muscle needed attention.

Once the root cause is identified and worked on, it then lets the muscles hurting or overcompensating go back to doing their job, not picking up the slack and causing pain as a result.

I know I’m not explaining it very well, so my apologies. He then hooked both legs up to some wires and I did some simple excersises while a ton of air waves went into my muscles. By the 4th set of 5 reps it was almost unbearable. It’s like doing 500 reps per 1 I’m actually doing… training the muscles to perform the right way. Blew my mind and I’m going back tomorrow for full results and to receive treatment plan. Plus, once injury is fixed… it can help my sports performance as well! YAAASSS!

Look at little Bella begging for pancakes this morning! She got that puppy dog face and balance down perfectly. We also like Flannel… Lynn’s shoe matches Bella’s collar. Just sayin’

After ARP I got fitted for Orthotics and got my second treatment. Excited to get the molds in although I didn’t love the $400 I spent today. There goes my new Garmin (WAAAAHHHHHhhhhhhh)

I had to stop by Hobby Lobby for a few minutes and saw some Dino stuff… made me think of Lynn. Her classroom has a Dino theme (Dino-mite kids!!!!!) so was cute to see all of this stuff. I liked the one about the T-rex hands not being able to fully show how much it loves someone. LOL

Anyways, I’m going to cut it short tonight as we swore this morning we’d be in bed at 9:30. I’m sure I’ll still be on phone for a bit, but atleast settled in bed. Being that it is 9:29 right now and we still haven’t put up our dinner dishes… I don’t think we are going to make it. Hey, we tried!

– Do you wear orthotics and do they work good for you?
– What was the best part of your Monday?
– What is your favorite meal for breakfast… if you could have anything!?


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