Fredericksburg TX + End of Vacation + Wedding Venue

I know you all have been waiting on pins and needles, but I still am not able to run. I can’t explain just how annoyed I am at the whole situation as I was just getting into a rhythm and routine… and feeling good!

I pretty much have it in my head that I won’t be running for a few more days. I am going to be massaging and icing this foot like crazy the next few days once home! I am not holding out much hope for getting any quality runs in before next weeks half, and at this point it’s not going to help with speed or endurance so a few extra days off at this point can only help with healing.

I’m so frustrated but I’m just praying it will heal and I can get back at it sooner than later. I may need to make a dr appointment to be sure all is good but they will just tell me rest I’m sure. Everything happens for a reason, right? Arrrrgghhhh!!!

I saw the below and it made me laugh especially since we saw the movie yesterday. Lol šŸ˜‚

Today was super cold but I was glad I had my Crawford Brew works Hoodie to bundle up in while walking around Fredericksburg. Mom Papke saw the venue back in October, (back in the good ol’ days when I could run) and we were excited to show Erik and Dad Papke.

I posted a few fun videos on Instagram videos capturing the family checking it out… we had fun! Oh yeah, they really liked the venue – Barons Creek Vineyards.

We will get to stay in the villas behind the tasting room, etc after the wedding with our bridal party and friends/family. The place will be like our own for the night and we can have a fire in the fire pit, etc!

We didn’t want to hop on a plane and jet off to a honeymoon right away, but celebrate with those we love for as long as possible. Plus, Thanksgiving is only a few days after we get married so we may do honeymoon around Christmas! Thinking possibly New York as we’ve always wanted to go and at Christmas. Will be some magical months, that’s for sure! I can’t wait!

After the vineyard, we went across the street to Altstadt Brewery. That place is incredible and so grand! It’s massive and full of wood, chandeliers and fire places. We ate lunch there and I totally forgot to take a picture of my salad, but it was delicious! These pictures don’t do it justice! It’s huge and goes so far back. We will def be back!

We stopped at Dogology and got the pups some new name tags that will match the flannel collars Mom Papke got them for Christmas. Can’t wait to put them on. I also got Emmy some pretty sparkly red hair clips. She looks so pretty.

Emmy was also really tired the other day and fell asleep mouth wide open. Look at those perfect teeth!

We found some Christmas lights and walked through. They were very pretty and it made it feel like the holidays.

We head back to San Antonio and back to the real world in the morning! Hoping I wake up tomorrow and my foot is miraculously healed!


– What have you been up to today?

– Do you like going to vineyards?

– How did you decide on your wedding venue?


5 thoughts on “Fredericksburg TX + End of Vacation + Wedding Venue

  1. Keep on walking “5 miles” every day, soon you will run with 5 miles every day. You know what they say, it’s not the mileage that count but time on you feet. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    1. Hi Antin! I appreciate the well wishes and I can’t wait to spend more time on my feet! Fingers crossed I can cross the start AND finish line this Saturday for the River Run Half! Happy New Year!

  2. I am so sorry about your foot. Ugh, how frustrating! Praying it heals up super soon for you too with all the rest.

    Okay I just finished Bird Box today and Iā€™m laughing so hard at that meme. What did you think of it?!

    HOLY. COW. Your venue is stunn-ing. It is going to be such a beautiful wedding!! What an absolute dream.

    – Today we went to Church in the morning and then ran errands to get ready for New Years dinner- woohooo!
    – Vineyards- YES, yes, and YESSS. Since moving out to CA I have a new appreciation for wine and wineries- especially after visiting wine country for the first time.
    – For our venue we just wanted a rustic barn feel, super relaxed, and within our price range. Those things combined basically narrowed it down!

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