It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas + Funny Find + 12 Days of Headbands

TGIF! Is it just me, or does it feel a lot more like Christmas on this glorious Friday afternoon?! Maybe it’s because it’s the Friday before Christmas break? Yeah, must be it!

I had someone ask where I got the coffee mug above? Lynn and I both have one we sip our delicious morning coffee from. She got the set for us from Altar’d State last year in Virginia. They are the cutest mugs, have a special note inside and when you put them face to face they look like they are kissing. 🙂 Click below where you can find a set, but only a few left!

Did you also notice the cookie in the picture above? Lynn had those made for my proposal. We still have some and outside of the Starbucks eyes looking a bit freaky, they are holding up pretty good!

As the world knows and has come to expect, I was up late… but nothing a 5 hour energy and some Zipfizz couldn’t tackle. I am getting nervous though as my supply is quickly depleting! I will need to purchase more! A 30 count right now is on sale for less than $1 a pop. That is less than I even paid at the Rock n Roll Expo.

I was googling a race time earlier today, and I popped up on a link and in a magazine called CHANGE that I never knew I was in. It’s the big time guys! Okay, maybe not… but kind of cool to see myself looking like a nerd 6 years ago in a race. I remember that was as it was in Galveston and was WINDY that day! The wind awesome when it wasn’t against me and I had a great 3rd mile on the turnaround. I also remember having to prove my pace on my garmin as they gave me the wrong reusable chip as I was second in my age group. Yup, second. Always a bridesmaid never a bride….until 11.23.19! HA!

I am SO excited as the Chevron Houston Marathon revealed the January 20th, 2019 Marathon medals. I can’t wait to earn this one as it will be my 6th Houston Full (21st all time) and one I hope I’m a bit more prepared for than the two I ran earlier this year in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

We will get to stay the night or two before with Lynn’s brother Erik who lives in the Woodlands. Very nice of him as then we don’t have to get a hotel room, etc… Will be a fun weekend with the expo (which is the best one I’ve ever been to), race excitement, etc! Would be really cool to see some of my Houston Striders over the weekend as well!

Here is a throwback to my last Houston Marathon a few years ago. This was right at mile 8 or 9 before the Half split from the full. I was feeling great until about mile 13, but pulled out a 4:20 on that full I believe. I started out too fast (as I always do) and my first half was like 15 minutes fast than my second. Not smart, but hoping to have more control this go round!

So, if we could have a moment of silence for all the dust bunnies that died tonight as we finally cleaned our apartment. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, honest, but will feel so good coming home next week to a clean house. We are all packed up and eating/blogging/watching TV and then we will hit the road for the 2.5 hour drive to Lynn’s parents.

When I got home I was sooooo tired that I chugged a 5 hour energy to get myself pumped for cleaning and drooling over the last Red Bull in the fridge. We are now sipping on the later, thank you very much!

I had my left over PF Changs from the other day on top of a salad with the rest of the veggies I had in the fridge! Topped with some sesame vinaigrette it was delicious!

Lynn even gave the pups a bath. Second one for the week and I think that is a record! They loved being scrubbed. Emmy was taking it like a champ and Bella was just chilling waiting for her turn. They did good. We did remember to pack their Christmas flannel, so stay tuned for those adorable pictures.

We packed more than we will ever wear, like normal. Why change habits now, ya know?! I was laughing at Lynn and all her shoes… as I looked down at all my headbands I was stuffing into my suitcase. Like I said, I need more headbands like I need a hole in my head, but if you have any sparkly or cool ones, send them my way! I also made a joke that I’ll do the 12 days of headbands (instead of Christmas) HA!

Here is today’s! Very similar to the red and green one I got at the 5k last weekend… but this one is magenta and green. Big difference, ya know?!

I have a problem…..

I made sure I didn’t forget my GU, Runners Vitamins and Nanohydr8. I’m down to my last two Nanohydr8s and I won’t be home for another 9 days to get my shipment coming in 🙁 Whatever will I do on those long runs while at Lynn’s parents?! Adam… can I get a package under my tree away from home? LOL

Also, I couldn’t really say much with all the Brooks, Sperrys etc I threw on top of her shoes! You just never know what they day will bring and which shoes will be needed!

Anyways, we need to hit the road and Lynn is about to fall asleep watching trash TV! See you on the flip side! Happy Holidays!

– Are you traveling for the holidays?
– Do you tend to over pack or under pack?
– What is one holiday tradition that you look forward to each year?


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