Desi Linden + Friends + 13.1 + Photo Shoot + Pics galore

AHHHHH! I got to meet Desi Linden today, NBD! Well, it totally was, but I’ll get to that later in my post. I couldn’t contain myself and had to preface with that huge news!!!

This morning started out early with Lynn’s second photo shoot and she did amazing! She photographed a friend and her family and the pictures will be awesome! The shoot was at The Pearl Brewery and the weather and lighting couldn’t have been more perfect! I can’t wait to see the finished product, and of course I got pictures of Lynn taking pictures. I’m very proud of her and this talent that she is using and enjoys!

After the photo shoot we went straight to the convention center and parked. We had our friends Sarah and Monica coming into town this morning to watch the OU and UT game and to support me tomorrow for the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, so we decided to park near the River Walk for easy access to everything. 

The expo was so much fun and Lynn had to pretty much drag me out of the Brooks section as I wanted everything from shoes to jackets! So much to see and do and I wanted to take it all in!

I was really, really sad that they were out of this really cool rippled looking Brooks jacket (in a size Small if you are reading this Brooks. LOL) but also loved another I tried on! I also got to TOUCH the Christmas Ugly Sweater Levitate 2s they had on display. I hope I made Santa’s nice list this year!

At the expo I also signed the Brooks Run Happy Wall and took in all vendors. It’s like trick or treating for runners and I couldn’t get enough!

The coolest, absolutely best thing about the expo was meeting Desi Linden. You know, the Olympian and Boston Marathon winner from this April. I WAS SO EXCITED! She didn’t come to sign autographs until 3pm though, so we went to meet our friends at Yardhouse to watch the game and grab some lunch and decided we would go back to the expo around 3pm.

Yardhouse has some amazing food and some of the best nachos I’ve ever had called Poke Nachos. YUM! I also got a salad with Ahi Tuna on it and forgot to take a picture until we were half way done. It was that good!

Around 2:35pm we decided to walk back over to the expo and Sarah and Monica stays at Yardhouse to finish watching the game. We promised we’d only be gone for 20 minutes, but an hour later we owed them a round of beer for making them wait on us for too long! Whoops??!! I love them, they are so much fun and I’m so glad they are here visiting!

I’m so glad we made it to the expo when we did and were about 5th or 6th in line. About 3:10pm hundreds were in line waiting to meet her! I was so excited when she walked out and so excited to meet her and get to take a few pictures with her. I got my race bib signed for tomorrow’s race (good luck, right?!) and Lynn got in on it and got to meet her too and asked to her sign my shirt. SCORE!

After we went back to Yardhouse to pick up the girls (with our tail between our legs) we decided to walk the River Walk and find somewhere else to have a drink and dessert! Monica really wanted to see the Christmas lights so we sat until it got dark to take them all in! I was also the only one drinking coffee. #tough decisions #runnerproblems #illbegladimadethatchoicetomorrow

The pups are waiting with me patiently for the girls to come upstairs. They just arrived and Lynn went down to get them while I finished this post! She’s the best! I plan on early bed tonight and we will order in pizza for dinner. More pictures to come tomorrow! I’m so lucky to have such great people in my life and I’m so excited for tomorrow’s race! Talk tomorrow! See you at the Start Line!


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